Nature Travel and Conservation

Nature Travel and Conservation | Many people love traveling and visiting the beautiful and interesting places around the world, they are willing to  spend a lot of money to finance their journey. They are also willing to spend their precious time to visit exotic places though very far away. And maybe They are also  willing to quarrel with parents or wife in order to visit the place they want. It’s all the usual stuff, because traveling is something that everyone likes even though they have to pay a fortune.


Some people like to visit historical places such as Hagia Sophia, Pyramids or Eifel Tower, others like to visit entertainment venues like Disney Land, Las Vegas or New York. There are also those who like to visit natural attractions such as beaches in Maldives, Switzerland and forests, and of course there are many people who like to visit endemic and rare animal habitats like Masai Maara, Komodo Island or perhaps the San Diego Zoo. But we must admit that the natural tourist attraction is a place that is always missed by almost all the traveler because of many factors such as:

  1. Nature travel Tours is an effective way to refresh emotions and thoughts
  2. Nature travel Tours is effective for relieving stress and mental stress
  3. Nature travel Tours keeps the body fresh, fit and healthy
  4. Nature travel Tours offers unique and challenging adventures and experiences
  5. Enjoying the beauty of Nature travel Tours is a rare opportunity

We will provide advice and reviews to you about the natural attractions worth visiting for you. The best natural places you can visit we have classified in various categories:

  1. Great Europe
  2. Attractive Australia
  3. Beautiful Asia
  4. Exotic Africa
  5. Amazing America

As a traveler who loves nature, of course we not only enjoy nature but also must be active in the movement of nature conservation. With us active in conservation efforts we have participated to realize a better future. Preserving nature is very important because:

  1. Conservation Keeps the earth from damage and destruction
  2. Conservation prepares a better life for the new generation
  3. Conservation is proof that we love nature
  4. Conservation is a real effort to stop the destruction of nature by humans
  5. Conservation is the effort to improve the damaged nature
  6. Conservation makes life better Conservation is an effort to keep nature sustainable and growing

In some cases conservation also includes efforts to improve the nature damaged by natural disasters or the destruction of humans. What nature means is anything that exists on this earth as something that exists naturally, be it forest, mountain, sea, plant, or animal.


Preserving nature and conservation is the responsibility of all mankind. It is not a responsibility that only some people, such as conservation agencies, environmentalists, environmental or government organizations, are responsible for. Everyone is responsible for maintaining and improving nature. I, you, environmental and government organizations have the same responsibility even for each person, the effort to preserve nature may not be done in the same way.

For example, the government, they play a role in preserving the environment by creating policies that favor nature, tighten the permit for the establishment of factories and industries, provide budgets for nature conservation or create national parks. Governments can also support natural conservation campaigns by incorporating nature conservation materials in school lessons and educational curricula so that future generations can have a proper understanding of the environment and are willing to play an active role in nature conservation efforts.

Environmental organizations such as WWF and Green Peach also take part in nature conservation efforts. They seek to conserve nature by managing conservation projects, campaigning for the conservation of nature for many people and conducting various fund-raising actions and sometimes even protesting against environmentalists.

We as a person who likes to travel can also take part in the effort to preserve the environment in many ways. It does not have to be as large as the government can do, or manage conservation projects as do professional environmental organizations. We can play a simple way such as:

  1. Keeping clean and not littering
  2. Campaigning the conservation of nature to friends and relatives
  3. Do not change the natural order like picking flowers, pulling plants or catching animals
  4. Learn and understand the importance of preserving nature
  5. Visit various natural attractions and provide support for maintenance and conservation
  6. Telling your experience when visiting natural attractions to friends and families
  7. Provide donations for nature conservation

Traveling is a way for us to be happy, but it will be better if we travel also aims to preserve the natural so that the beauty we have enjoyed so far is not damaged, lost and extinct because of the destruction by humans. It is time we think and prepare for a better future not only for us but also for our children and grand children.

So walk the earth and travel around the world to see and admire what God has created and take a lesson from what you witnessed so that you can appreciate God’s creation. And from today we must play an active role to preserve nature as a form of our gratitude and thanks to God who has provided nature for us.